Who We Are

Walking Together in the Hope of Christ 

Our guiding statement is a defining phrase, describing who we are as a people of God.  We recognize that our hope comes from Christ and Christ's activity on the cross, Christ's death and resurection.  We understand that we journey together in that hope, not only as individual people, but as a community, dedicated to sharing that hope with others.  We do not claim to have it all figured out.  We do not claim to be perfect.  What we do claim is that we are part of God's creation and that God's mercy and love is so generous that we wish to share that with all we encounter.  We claim that we are empowered by the Holy Spirit to live as children of God in the world with the help of God.  

We as a community of Christian Lutherans recognize that we are saved by grace, it is a gift of God, and that we desire to respond to God's saving actions.  As a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, the ELCA, we teach, profess and share in the beliefs taught by Martin Luther and in accordance with the ELCA.  

Reverend Nicole Martin

 Pastor Redeveloper
As Graduate of Luther Seminary, my journey to this call has been in the making since the day the waters of baptism rushed over my face.  The journey of life has led to many experiences that make me so incredibly thankful for the grace and mercy of God. 

Beyond the experiences of my youth as an Army dependent, I am also a mom, and a wife of a U.S. Retired Navy Seabee.  I have had several careers and it is with the gift of sight, I can see how each of the endeavors has lead me to be right where I am, serving the good people of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church and West Prairie Lutheran.  For this I say, "Thanks be to God."

Something unique about myself.  Not only do I have a great love for God but i have a great love for the gift of joy.  One way I choose to let joy fill my life is as a Laughter Yoga instructor.  Through Laughter Yoga I am able to offer a speacialized form of ministry to the community, creating space for healing and wholness in the midst of everyday stressors.  

Staying Connected to the Pastor

If you are interested in hearing more from Pastor Martin's Ministry you can follow her at her website           https://pastorchicknic.com 
and connect you with her blogs and pod-cast episodes. 

Kacey Vargas

Adminstrative Assistant

As a Williston native, I deeply appreciate living in this part of the world.   Having a home, a loving supportive community, and people to guide you makes being a mom and wife more enriching.

My career as an administrative assistant is a gift as I get to serve not only Good Shepherd Lutheran and West Prairie Lutheran, but Little Lambs Child Care.  To serve in ministry for this community of people makes my day feel full. 

Our Sister Church:  West Prairie Lutheran Church 

We are blessed to be in a Parish relationship with West Prairie Lutheran Chruch, serving Christ in the Williston area. 

West Prairie is located at 5729 151st Ave. NW Williston ND 58801.