Welcome to

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

During our lifetime, our need for spiritual nourishment changes forms and our relationship with God can look very different than what we might expect.
For some people, their spiritual identity is intimately united with a formal religious structure.  For others their spiritual identity takes a more individual approach, through private prayer and meditation.  Still others seek spiritual fullfillment by actively serving others.

Our spiritual self has needs and it needs to be nourished.  All too often, however, the "one size" fits all" mentality does not create space to meet individual needs.  Many people feel excluded by the same traditions that were meant to include them.

At Good Shepherd, it is our desire to be open to all people.  We want you to know that your faith and belief in God are important and relevant in the world.  Your voice and your expression of Christ's saving action in your life are a gift to be shared. Together, let us proclaim Christ.   

What to Expect

Being part of the Good Shepherd community is an open invitation to being an active servant in the body of Christ.  As a Christian Church with a Lutheran flavor we believe that every person is created with unique gifts to serve both the church and the world.  So come journey with us, explore how God is calling you.