World Heritage Festival Day

The inagural event on July 28th was a smashing success as we celebrated with Norwiegan artisians, indulged ourself with Indian Taco's, tantilized our tongue with Filipiano food, and learned about the the heritage of Native American people who are our neigbors.  

A speacial thank you to Joe McGillies, Lauren Yellowbird, Northern Plains Oyate, Anne Lee, and the Pretty Iron Feather Dancers from Fort Peck Indian Reservation.  

How to get involved

Come represent your culture, be an event volunteer, or be an event sponsor. If you would like to participate, simply fill out the registration form on the back of this brochure and return it to Good Shepherd Lutheran Church.  

Got questions?  Please call (701) 774-8919.  The Staff at Good Shepherd is ready to help you. 




Why Celebrate?

Williston is called home by many people.  Each person has a history and a heritage that gives them a unique voice in the story of the world creating a culturally rich environment filled with beautiful people from many walks of life.  We at Good Shepherd desire to celebrate the vibrant life we share.  Together let us create a space where each ethnic community that calls Williston home, can come and represent the beauty of their heritage.

We are inviting you to celebrate with us. 

What we envision.

 Partner with friends and family, gather a group together, and sign up to host a table or booth to share the beauty of your heritage with others.

At your table we imagine a display representing your ethnic heritage.  The display at minimum should include the following: 

· How to say hello and good bye in your native language.

· A description of at least one thing you think is important for others to know about your cultural heritage. 

· Describe something special for the children in your culture.

· A prayer or a meditative reflection that is important to your cultural identity, written in your native  language.

· We also ask you to consider wearing traditional clothing.

  · Lastly if there is a particular food, music        style or type of dance that could be shared        we would love to hear about it and find a          way to incorporate it into the event.