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Walking Together in the Hope of Christ
As a community we seek to live fully into God's desire for us.  We continually ask, "What's God up to?" and "How are we invited to participate?"   To honor God's desire for us is our first goal at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church.  By living into God's desire we find peace in serving.  What are some way's God is currently calling our community to live as disciples in Williston? Worship ministry, fellowship ministry, prayer ministry, milestone ministry, stewardship ministry, Little Lambs ministry, Facilities ministry, and leadership ministry. 

Worship Ministry

Those on the Worship Ministry team bring a wide varity of skills and talents to make the worship experience come to life.  Together using the liturgy for the season we brainstorm and impliment themes that help proclaim the gosepl through the use of art, music, decorations, and the organization of the physical space, all of which are gift used to teach the Good News of Christ to all who gather.    

Fellowship Ministry

Being together, celebrating, and sharing the experiences of life is an intrigal part of journying together.  The Hospitality Ministry team works to create active ways for the community to be involved together, serving one another and our neighbors. 

Prayer Ministry

The gift of prayer is a treasure for the people of God.  Prayer centers our life and helps us stay focused on God's desire for us.  If you are in need of prayer or would like to join a prayer group please contact the church office.

Milestone Ministry

Out of the baptismal waters we emerge as beings called to respond to the grace and mercy of God by actively living into our faith life.  Milestone Ministry is an opportunity to celebrate the natural transitions we encounter during a life time, celebrating and nurturing the way we live our faith in the world.

Stewardship Ministry

Rooted in the activity of God, we respond to God's mercy and grace, by being good stewards of all of the resources God has provided.  Through the Stewardship ministry we seek to use our disciplship skills, talents, and resources to serve the world, church, and all of God's creation.   

Little Lambs Ministry

Little Lambs Childcare, Inc., seeks to engage each child by creating a safe loving environment that provides developmentally appropriate learning activites in a christian environment.  

Facilities Ministry

We believe that having a community to call home is necessary to nurture the faith of a disciple. A place to gather for worship, hear God's words, learn, and celebrate the joy of God's love for us, strengthens us to live in the world and serve our neighbor. 

To create this space the facilities ministry is dedicated to operating and maintaing a warm and safe physical enviornment for the mission of helping disciples grow.  

Leadership Ministry

There are many opportunities to serve as leaders at Good Shepherd.  While some people desire to serve as worship leaders, help with the prayer ministry, or investe themselves in learship to the youth, one specific function for the organization of the church is to serve on church council. The purpose is to help make oranizational decisions and preform the administration duties for the health and well being of the church community.