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Walking Together in the Hope of Christ
As a community we seek to live fully into God's desire for us.  We continually ask, "What's God up to?" and "How are we invited to participate?"   To honor God's desire for us is our first goal at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church.  By living into God's desire we find peace in serving.  What are some way's God is currently calling our community to live as disciples in Williston? Worship ministry, Laughter Yoga ministry, stewardship ministry,  and Little Lambs ministry, 

Worship Ministry

Those on the Worship Ministry team bring a wide varity of skills and talents to make the worship experience come to life.  Together using the liturgy for the season we brainstorm and impliment themes that help proclaim the gosepl through the use of art, music, decorations, and the organization of the physical space, all of which are gift used to teach the Good News of Christ to all who gather.    

Stewardship Ministry

Rooted in the activity of God, we respond to God's mercy and grace, by being good stewards of all of the resources God has provided.  Through the Stewardship ministry we seek to use our disciplship skills, talents, and resources to serve the world, church, and all of God's creation.  

Little Lambs Ministry

Little Lambs Childcare, Inc., seeks to engage each child by creating a safe loving environment that provides developmentally appropriate learning activites in a christian environment.  

Caring 4 Classrooms 

 A ministry of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, helping our community and its children through the classroom setting. 

If interested please  click the link above to access the Caring4Classrooms page.   

EBS: Emotional Balance Support Group

Wednesday's 7:30 pm at Good Shepherd Lutheran

We are a community of caring people dedicated to walking together, supporting one another’s emotional needs, offering a listening ear for the well being of those who attend, in the name of a loving God. 

Please click link to access EBS page. 


PUB Theology

J-Dubs Bar and Grill 6 p.m. Thursdays

Gathering together, we explore questions of faith, science, politics, religion, ...  but the heart each conversation is how these topic interacts in the world with our understanding of who God, and all that comes with our images of who God is, such as forgivness, mercy, love... 

If interested please  click the link above to access the PUB Theology Page.