Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

A table of hospitality and service, set for all people, as we walk together in the hope of Christ. 

P.U.B. Theology
Publicly Unwrapping Beliefs

Gathering to offer mutual support, share respectful conversation about the beliefs that shape us, and journey togehter in hope seeking new understanding.  

We will continue meeting this fall in Sepehtember 
Walking together in the Hope of Christ can take many vaired forms, one of which means learning together from one another.  At P.U.B. Theology we spend time listening to one another, talking about big ideas and concepts that shape our beliefs, especially those things we hold precious to our understanding of the world, and who God is.  

Our featured event:   Theology Thursday 
Each week a set of thinking questions are provided to spur the conversation.  However this does not mean the conversation is limited to these ideas.

To honor vacations and busy lifes we will continue to meeting again for Theology Thrusday this fall. 

For more information or simpley to join the conversation via social media, go to  please check out the facebook page - pubtheologywilliston.
Come join the experience. 
Your presence is valued.