Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

A table of hospitality and service, set for all people, as we walk together in the hope of Christ. 

We GROW by the activity of the Holy Spirit.

We believe that through the Holy Spirit, we come to know who God is, and God’s plan of salvation for all of creation. 

How do we do this? In an effort to be true to this call, we make a commitment to:
           - pray for wisdom and council
           - study the Word of God
           - participate in baptism and holy communion
           - look to Christ for guidance in all of our days

           - create space for all of God’s beloved to grow with us. 


Worship with Faithful Converstion about Text

Each Sunday 11:00 A.M.

Prayer Fellowship


Sundays following Worship


Generosity Challange

Meeting over food and fellowship to discern how we desire to be God's action alive in the world, serving our neighbor.  Our next planning pot luck will be September 29th.  Come join the conversation and let you stewardship expression come to life. 

Embodied Faith

Wed  7:30 pm 

Please click link above for more information.


PUB Theology

Featured events:
Theology Thrusday
Scripture Tales. 

Gathering together, we explore questions of llife, faith, science, religion,  but the heart of each conversation is how these topics interact in the world with our understanding of who God is, and all that comes with our images of who God is, such as forgiveness, mercy, love... 

If interested, please click the link above to access the PUB Theology Page.    


Daily Devotions for Spiritual Renewal #Signs4life 

Daily Devotions intive you to a place of reflection about your relationship with God and others.  Click the above link and you will be redirected to the devotions page hosted by our own Pastor Martin, providing you a selection of meditiations.  
Come join the experience. 
Your presence is valued.